Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Vitamin Water

To help celebrate their new flavour i-Focus Vitamin Water have been doing some serious promotion from having some blogs such as The Style PA and Friend my little brain give away Ipads to us getting a goodie bag.

The new flavour is Kiwi + Strawberry, it's very sweet, very light and very yummy. Not only did we get 2 fab bottles of drink. We got lots of amazing pink fun filled goodies.

I can't express enough how Vitamin Water honestly does make you feel instantly brighter and perkier. 'Spark' is my morning lifeline at the moment.

Have you tried Vitamin Water? Which flavour is your fave?


Fashion Fantasist said...

Lush! I like the defense one - apple and rasberry! yum!! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

I've never tried the vitamin waters but I DO love anything strawberry + kiwi, soo deliciousooo! :D

Vixel said...

Spark's my favourite too, I just wish it was carried at more shops around here. Supermarkets have it, but cafes and convenience stores, the kind of places I'd pop in to grab a bottle on the way to work etc. rarely seem to.

Anonymous said...

It costs Coca Cola 3p to produce. And is basically a small vitamin tablet crushed into some flavoured water.

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