Thursday, 25 August 2011

AudioDoughnuts Presents - Corsica Studios (28.08.11)

The talented peeps over at Audio Doughnuts are hosting their penultimate party of 2011 at Corsica Studios this Sunday. This will be the place to be once you feel like your Notting Hill Carnival buzz is dying down and you need a refreshing scene to jump on. Leave the scattered jerk chicken bones in West London and head down to Corsica Studios from 10pm for what should a ridiculous night of all out partying til 6am.

It's a fiver before midnight, and totally free for the first hundred people: as is always the case with their nights, get there early for fun times. The Fives will be playing live, and taking over their night as a single launch party.

Click here for the Facebook event, and here for more details. Keep up with Audio Doughnuts on Facebook and Twitter to hear the latest on the build-up to the night. It'll soon be the label's first anniversary, so this can be the pre-party before that party.

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